What is Garbage ?

   To answer this question is not as easy as it is thought. In daily life, it is impossible to cram the definition of "garbage" ,
solid waste, and  to  restrict  it  by  some  names  and  materials.  In  fact,  a person,  an agency and an institution who
produces, throws, collects, categorises, uses  and  removes "garbage"  could  be  defined  separately in respect of their
social, economic and cultural structures of settlements where the garbage is produced.

The ones who  produces  and  throws  solid  waste  think  that  anything  that  means nothing to them is garbage. For
example,  garbage  is  something  to  eat,  to  produce  food  and  beverage  out  of  vegetable, fruit and other  food,
something of no use in production or consumption, goods to be dysfunctional and materials of no value.

Garbage is orange peel, a piece of bread, rotten tomato, bad apple, broken chair, broken iron, expired drugs, batteries,
glass bottles,  cups,  paper,  toys,  packaging  materials,  excrement  of  pet  cats  and  dogs.  Majority  of  the  organic
materials that  "mean nothing"  in  this  respect  and thrown as "garbage" are considered as nutritionally high but cheap
"animal feeding stuff" and excrement of animal is considered as "fertilizer" in countryside and in the suburbs.

Everything that is left to "garbage dumps" and  required  to  be  removed  without  harming the human health and the
environment   is   "garbage"   in   the   eyes of a   person,  an  agency  and  an  institution    charged   with   collecting
removing the garbage, whatever its type, quality or quantity is.It is possible   to   generally   define   garbage   as   solid
materials and purifying mud to be regularly removed in order to protect the    environment and enable public health and
peace in this context.


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