Yuksel Metal has been one of the leading companies in the container business with its product  and  service  quality
and experience of metal production since 1975.

   Our company, manufacturing and supplying metal garbage containers, recycling and  medical waste containers, bins
and trash bins, has the most diversified portfolio of product variety, original design, new models and product quality in
the business.

   A great deal of Municipalities, official organisations and private companies are among our references. In addition, our
company   exports  its  products, holding   TSE (Turkish Standards Institution)   certificate   and   international quality

   Our Mission
   We supply top quality products for temporarily storage of household, solid, medical and recycling waste before their
removal to our local and international customers in the framework of current international standard norms.

    Our Vision
    To contribute to create common sense of clean environment and "environmentalist community" together with the
regarding institutions and agencies in the framework of  European  Union  criteria  and  recycling  projects,  and in this
respect, to be a leader company in both local and international markets of the business, constantly following the best,
the useful, the modernist, the most analytical product and service systems and the first technological innovations.

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